The basic course of Watamu Kiteboarding is aimed at all those who want to learn kitesurfing from zero to the water starts and the first rides.

The course is divided into 6 lessons and after a theoretical approach is only practical with specific training equipment (kitefoil trainer, short and long lines, quick release systems, kites of different sizes) and a progressive teaching that provide you a fast, effective and safe learning.

Here is the detailed program of each lesson:

[cbtabs][cbtab title=”First lesson”]

  • Recognizing wind direction and intensity
  • Definition of upwind and downwind
  • Spot safety rules
  • Kite types: foil and inflatable
  • Inflating and parking a kite
  • Connecting the bar to the kite (upwind and downwind)
  • Marine knots
  • Deflating and folding a kite
  • Safety rules.

[/cbtab][cbtab title=”Second lesson”]

  • Wind window
  • Neutral, medium and power zone
  • Safety systems
  • Releasing the bar
  • Quick release: effects and emergency situations
  • Release on the leash: effect and emergency situations
  • Cut the lines
  • Removing the harness.

[/cbtab][cbtab title=”Third lesson”]

  • International signals for launch and landing
  • Holding a kite and positioning for the launch
  • Safety topics during and after the launch
  • Keeping a kite at the zenith (two hands, one hand)
  • Small movements of the kite
  • Piloting a kite throughout the wind window.

[/cbtab][cbtab title=”Fourth lesson”]

  • Choosing the safest launch side according to the spot
  • Correct positioning for launching
  • Control in neutral zones
  • Safety topics during and after landing
  • Re-launch from the water (with or without fifth line).


[cbtab title=”Fifth lesson”]

  • Using body to balance traction
  • Progressive power control
  • Use of depower
  • Simulation of water starting in different conditions
  • Power stroke.

[/cbtab][cbtab title=”Sixth lesson”]

  • Body drag: downwind, upwind, with the board
  • Steady pul
  • Directional steady pul
  • Water start and power stroke
  • Use the depower in water start
  • Correct stance of the body
  • Self rescue. [/cbtab][/cbtabs]

The cost of the basic course is 350 euro, it will include individual lessons and all the equipment (kite, bar, harness, helmet, lifejacket), the Italian Kite Association membership (Aki), as well as personal insurance and RC. In addition you can also follow the course in collective mode (maximum 2 persons) at a cost of 300 Euro.