Watamu (from the Swahili “sweet people”) is a village on the Kenyan coast about 110 km North-East from Mombasa and 15 km south of Malindi. It spreads across the stretch of coast that runs from Mida Creek, a stretch of sea that goes inside for about 8 kilometers to the village of Mayungu and inland to the village of Gede.
Watamu coast is formed by the white sandy beach of Garoda – Turtle bay, the Bay called Blue Lagoon, the Watamu Bay Beach, the Ocean Breeze beach, the stretch of Kaanani cliff and the Jacaranda beach. Watamu coast is an integral part of the Marine Reserve of Malindi and Watamu, and, more particularly, the Garoda – Turtle Bay beach is protected as a Marine Park because, along this stretch of beach, it is not difficult to come across nests of sea turtles during the all season.
Watamu is chosen by many tourists as a starting point for tours, as located in a strategic position near the natural attractions of the area. Near the village you can gain many important places such as parks and also one of the few historic sites of Kenya. The major attraction, besides the eponymous Marine Park, are the Mangrove Park Midas, the Gede Ruins and forest of Arabuko Sokoke. Not far from Watamu you can also find the canyon Marafa and the Tsavo National Park.