The safari adventure sleeping among the Big Five
The Watamu Kiteboarding center is a great starting point to plunge through the inside of the main east african safari parks. Be waiting for breathtaking views and wild animals, especially the Big Five, namely the five animals symbol of Safari: lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant.

Among the most popular destinations there are Watamu Marine Park, Tsavo East National Park, the famous Masai Mara and Amboseli National Park. All safaris are carried on board the Land Cruiser from seven seats plus the driver to pick you up at dawn are Garoda Resort. Only for the Masai Mara there is a domestic flight to the country for a period of about two hours that lands directly in the park.

During all the trips, the drivers, who are experienced professionals, do their best to bring guests in close contact with the animals: it is local people who live the savannah daily and knows how to make the safari an unforgettable adventure. Know thoroughly the habits of animals, the places where they gather during the phases of the day and night to hunt and lay down. From dawn to dusk suggest the trails and the best stalking to ensure the greatest number of sightings.

So much adventure but also comfort to travelers during the night as the stops are housed in camps, environmentally friendly structures undeniable african charm, fenced and guarded by Masai groups. You sleep in single or double rooms in the tents, each with private bath and you eat in restaurants that provide tasty international menu and africans.

Sailing between sharks and dolphins, diving, deep sea fishing and hiking
Alternatively safaris you can also enjoy diving trips to see dolphins and sharks, deep-sea fishing trips or a visit to the Turtle Watch, one health center and recovery of sea turtles of East Africa, or even an evocative walk on board the dhow, the typical Arab boat alongside the crystal waters of the Mida Creek, surrounded by dense vegetation of mangroves. Also you can see the canyon Marafa and yet the archaeological ruins of Gede.